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• Spring Bed Clean Up: Trimming/Pruning of perennials; removing any leaves and debris that accumulated over the winter. This service is typically required before mulch application.
• Bed Program: An (8) round program to prevent weeds that grow in your landscape beds. The first application (early spring) will be a pre-emergent to minimize the germination of weed seeds. Subsequently (once a month for 7 months) mature weeds will be maintained by pulling them or will be removed chemically.
• Bed Edging: Beds will be edged at a minimum depth of 2” to give a neat, defined edge along mulch beds. Edging also helps to hold mulch in place.
• Mulch in beds and tree rings: Will be applied at a depth of 1.5” to 2”. Mulch choices are double ground brown, triple ground brown, dyed brown or black. Beds must be clear of leaves and debris before mulch is applied. This will be done with the ‘Spring Bed Clean Up’. If customer did not purchase the spring bed clean up, Metro West will clean bed for $60 per labor man hour.
• Bed Weeding: If there are many weeds in the beds, this may be necessary as a one-time occurrence before starting bed program.
• Mulch Cultivation: Summer mulch turning brings darker mulch from the bottom and rotates it to the top. Turning the mulch assists in breaking it down into a usable, biodegradable product. Water will be easily absorbed into the root system of your plants.
• Fall Bed Clean Up: Trimming/Pruning of roses, grasses, hostas,ect., and leaf and debris removal.


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