Lawn Mowing & Edging
2536 S. Old Hwy 94 Suite 113
St. Charles MO 63303
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 5:00

Metro West will monitor pests with intervention when necessary. Timing is mid-February through December. Approximate schedule:

  • 1 Late Winter: Fertilization
  • 2 Late Winter: Dormant oil application – Scale and other early season insect prevention
  • 3 Early Summer: Control for crawlers, leaf chewers, Japanese beatles
  • 4 Mid Summer: Control for bagworms, leaf chewers and mites; fungus control
  • 5 Early Fall: Control for leaf chewers, mites and tent caterpillars; fungus control
  • 6 Early Winter: Fertilization

Healthy trees (<12’ tall & <8” diameter), shrubs and ground cover will only be serviced. Plants that are in major decline and/or have been damaged over 1/3, and considered unproductive, are not included in bid. Debris will be dumped into a suitable landfill. Pruning will occur 2 or 3 times per season to maintain good shape. Timing is approximately Memorial Day, Independence Day and again Labor Day. Formal hedges will be sheared to maintain a formal, neat appearance. Shrubs over 12’ require a special quotation and are not included in this bid. Occasionally, shrubs will be in need of a ‘corrective’ prune. This is done to prune shrub back to the typical size for plant health. This also requires a special quotation and are not included in this bid.

Light Tree Removal

This is the removal of small to medium sized trees being cut down to ground level or removed with the roots. Trees that are dead should be removed as soon as possible to prevent damage to its surroundings. Tree with incurable diseases should be removed to prevent spreading of diseases. Trees that are too close together should be removed to allow for good health of surrounding trees.


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